Flyer - RTW Requirment to Work

Flyer - E & T

Fyer - SNAP Employment and Training


Screening and Assessment - PDF

Assessment -PDF

DCO-253 - PDF

Site Visit Checklist - PDF


Arkansas Community Correction Partnership Information and Volunteer Application - Word

Arkansas Community Corrections Reentry Probation and Parole Officer Directory- PDF

Area Map - PDF


Site Check List - Word

Coordinator Check List - Word

Contact Log - Word

Job Application Sample - Word

Job Search Websites - Word

Training Goal Activity - PDF

Barriers to Employment Assesment - PDF

Coordinator Check List Workforce and/or Post-Secondary Education & Training - Word


Arkansas Works Resource Dashboard


SNAP E&T Provider Contact List - Excel

SNAP E&T Provider Contact List - PDF

SNAP E&T DHS Site Reviews - Word


Employment Plan - PDF

Employment Plan - Word


Job Search Record - PDF

Job Search Record - Word


Billing and Routing Sheet - PDF

Billing and Routing Sheet - Word


Travel Reimbursement Documentation - PDF

Travel Reimbursement Documentation - Word


Assessment Form - PDF

Assessment Form - Word


Scholarship Request - PDF

Scholarship Request - Word


DHS 261 Volunteer Agreement - PDF

SNAP Works Provider Authorization Form - PDF



ET Provider Handbook - PDF

SNAP Works Provider User Guide -PDF


SNAP E & T Provider Training July 2019 - Power Point

SNAP E & T Provider Training July 2019 - PDF


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