Special Programs

Special Programs are short-term projects which the AALRC participates in with Adult Education programs, Literacy Councils and grant-related funding sources. The funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources which are outside the normal AALRC budgeted programs.

Often, the AALRC directs and participates in programs for adult education and literacy during the pilot phase of new developments. This effort provides staffing, materials and facilities during the experimental phase of a project and prior to receiving funding and/or resources from other areas outside the AALRC.

Grants are of particular interest to the AALRC, and we encourage adult education and literacy providers to include the Resource Center in the developmental stage of grant writing. The current Numeracy project is an exemplary example of one such grant that has been awarded.

Standards In Action

Standards in Action graphic

Arkansas was chosen to participate in the Standards-In-Action Innovations. ESL Curriculum Guidelines will be used in this project. Two state staff and two local program instructors were chosen to attend the meetings in Washington, D.C. over the two years. Vickie Johnson, Northwest AR Community College and Beth Cooper, Fort Smith Adult Education Center, were the practitioners chosen to attend the meeting. The four participants will attend national meetings and webinars for this project. The group will also meet with local practitioners from the programs to continue our work in the state. At the end of the project we will begin training the rest of the state in the innovations.

The Standards-In-Action (SIA) innovations are professional development methods and materials that support the implementation of content standards in adult education programs. The SIA innovations, developed with guidance from adult educators around the country, address four priority areas of standards-based reform:

  1. Building instructors' understanding of the standards taught;
  2. Translating the standards into curriculum;
  3. Aligning student assignments to standards; and
  4. Assessing the extent to which instructors are teaching to the standards and using effective instruction.

Adult Numeracy Instruction Professional Development
(ANI-PD) Field Test Program

The AALRC has been chosen to participate in the Adult Numeracy Instruction Professional Development (ANI-PD) Field Test Program. This is a national initiative involving 10 local programs with 2 instructors and the local administrator from each program.

Benefits of State Participation

Participating states will strengthen their capacity for high-quality math instruction in adult education by:

ANI-PD Field-test Activities

This year-long intensive professional development program includes:

Outcomes of the ANI-PD Field-test Model

Expected outcomes of the ANI-PD model for instructors include broader and deeper mathematical knowledge, a better understanding of how adults learn math, and more effective math instruction.

Mathematics Content

Focusing on essential math content areas, including numbers, geometry, data, and algebra, instructors will:

Instructional Strategies

Instructors will practice new teaching strategies to help students build math proficiency. These will:

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