Special Programs

Special Programs are short-term projects which the AALRC participates in with Adult Education programs, Literacy Councils and grant-related funding sources. The funding for these projects comes from a variety of sources which are outside the normal AALRC budgeted programs.

Often, the AALRC directs and participates in programs for adult education and literacy during the pilot phase of new developments. This effort provides staffing, materials and facilities during the experimental phase of a project and prior to receiving funding and/or resources from other areas outside the AALRC.

Grants are of particular interest to the AALRC, and we encourage adult education and literacy providers to include the Resource Center in the developmental stage of grant writing. The current Numeracy project is an exemplary example of one such grant that has been awarded.



In 2020, Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center (AALRC) began operating the Adult Education AmeriCorps program which places service volunteers at adult education programs in 8 locations in the state. These members provide life coaching to students and recruit volunteers and students in order to promote sustainability within adult education after their service term has expired.

AmeriCorps Members, serving as Life Coaches, will help Arkansans who struggle economically and lack either basic skills or have limited education backgrounds. Through this service and experience, members will make an impact on people's economic futures. Additionally, members will gain important skills and knowledge for themselves that can help in future work endeavors. 

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