Welcome to Basic Computer Literacy for Adults

The learning is divided into different parts. The parts are:

1. What a Computer Can Do
2. The Pieces of a Computer System
3. Safety and Comfort
4. Mouse and Desktop
5. Menus

6. Microsoft Windows
7. Introduction to Applications
8. Word Processing
9. Email and the Web

To see more you may need to click a black triangle pointing down. It looks like this one and is at the bottom of the page on the right.

If the triangle is gray, there is no more on that page to see.

When you are finished you will be able to:

turn on a computer,
create a document,
save a document,

print a document,
email a document, and
find the document again.

Computers may be found in every office across the United States and around the world. After finishing the lessons you will understand what a person using a computer is doing. You will also be able to do some things with a computer yourself.

A Pretest is available to challenge your current abilities.

The pages that come after this one ask you to:

  1. Read a few sentences. Study some pictures.
  2. Do an exercise - matching, fill in the blank, word jumble, or crossword
  3. The exercises will tell you whether you are ready to move on.

Let's Begin

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