Resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities

What is AT? Assitive Technology picture
AT is any item, piece of equipment, or system, whether acquired commercially, modified or customized, that is commonly used to increase, maintain or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities (Assistive Technology Act of 2004. P.L. 108-364).  AT gives students with disabilities tools to promote independence across all areas of daily living. These common tools extend from low-tech, low-cost items to high-tech, more expensive devices.  Overall, it is technology used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

How can AT help adults with learning disabilities?
AT can help your students with learning disabilities be more independent at work, school, and home.  The chart below is not a complete listing, but it can be a good place to start when looking for AT solutions.

LD Characteristic

Possible AT Applications

Difficulty reading

Text-to-speech software

Difficulty writing

Speech-to-text software

Difficulty being organized

Electronic/or Graphic Organizer software

Difficulty with math

Talking calculator

Difficulty with social skills


How to find the right AT:
The first place is start is the AALRC library, which has a diverse and comprehensive assortment of AT devices.  These items may be checked out for students in adult education and literacy programs in Arkansas by local program staff.  Each item is available for 30 days; longer, if there are no other requests for the same item after the 30-day period.
For a list of the AT available from the AALRC, including recommendations for which learning problems may be addressed by the item, go to this pdf.

Another way to find AT is to look online.   Following is a list of websites designed to help you and/or your students choose the AT that is right for their needs. The lists include software, hardware, and apps for cell phones and tablets.




See In-Person Demonstrations of AT Products for Yourself!


AT programs show people with disabilities how to get and use AT. There is one located in every state and territory in the United States.  To find the one in any state, go to

Oval: In Arkansas, the AT program is the Increasing Capabilities Access Network (ICAN), a program of the Arkansas Department of Career Education’s Rehabilitation Services Division.  It is located at 525 W. Capitol, Little Rock (where the AALRC used to be).  Their phone number is 501-666-8868 in Little Rock or 1-800-828-2799 outside of the Little Rock area.














AT Programs have AT Specialists who work with you on possible solutions. They also have an AT loan program where your student can try a device or software at work, school, or home to see if it works for them before they buy one!  They also have an extensive number of used items for sale at deeply discounted prices.  You can see these items on ICAN’s website at


AT programs can also demonstrate software and equipment such as:
•   iPad and apps
•   Livescribe pen
•   recorder
•   reading pens
•   color overlays
•   computer software
•   spellers/ thesaurus
•   computer access tools

Software features may include:
•   speech-to-text
•   word completion
•   word prediction
•   grammar check
•   spell check
•   highlighting features
•   study features
•   color overlay
•   text-to-speech

More Resources for AT



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