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AACAE 2021Conference - September 29th- October 1st - Virtual


AACAE 2021



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Call for Presenters:

We encourage active participation from all areas of Adult Education.  Share your knowledge, strategies, and expertise with us during the conference!  Please submit your completed form by Friday, September 17, 2021.  We are looking for presenters in the following areas:
o   English Language Learners
o   Workforce Development
o   Instructional Strategies
o   Program Management
o   Research, Policy and Practice
o   Data Interpretation
o   Educational Technology
o   Transitions


Award Nominations:

Arkansas Adult Education thrives because of countless hardworking individuals leading, working and learning in our centers.  Take a moment to consider nominating someone from YOUR center who characterizes the best of what Adult Ed offers our state:  Award Nominations Form:  Nomination categories include:
o   Outstanding Administrator
o   Outstanding Paraprofessional
o   Outstanding Teacher
o   Outstanding Adult Education Supporter
o   Luther H. Black Scholarship Nominee (GED Student)
o   Retiree
o   In Memoriam

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