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UA Cossatot Newsletter December, 2018


Arkansas Adult Education Open House (9/20/2018) PSA on THV11




Arkansas Adult Education is excited to share the Adult Education Move Ahead television spot. The Design group has worked very hard to create a marketing campaign that tells the story of our students. Special thanks to Linda Kindy, Donnylle Hampton, Jonalyn Reep, Jolla Robinson and their staff in allowing their centers to be utilized for filming of the video and/or student and staff interviews. It is truly appreciated.


AAE_Move Ahead_60TV from Arkansas Adult Education on Vimeo.


Great job Gary Udouj! Check out this segment on Channel 5 News in Fort Smith:



State Report Card

Adult Education State Report Card 2014-2015 - PDF



Ozark Literacy Council Video Success Story on Youtube

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Need to dispose of old computers, monitors, and peripherals? Harkins Recycling can take care of this for free, and they're HAC certified with the EPA. Please don't throw your old equipment in the trash (there are many dangerous materials that need to be disposed of or recycled properly.) If you have a pickup truck load or more, Harkins can pick up the load for you, anywhere in the state, for free. If you don't have a large load, please bring it to the AALRC and we can store it for you on a pallet until there is a large enough load for them to pick up.

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