One goal of the Arkansas Adult Learning Resource Center (AALRC) is to provide Arkansas Adult Education and Literacy Programs with materials that educators can use for professional development and to prepare for their instructional tasks.
The library contains approximately 2,500 lending items. Educators can find books, DVDs, videos, audiotapes, compact discs, magazines, auxiliary aids, and "kits" (which include combinations of books, videos and/or audio-tapes).
The library also provides assistive technology (AT) items for accommodating individuals with disabilities. For more detailed information about available AT materials, please go to:

To search for a specific item in the AALRC library, please click on the following link:
Search the AALRC Library

To search for all items available  in a broad area, click on Search the AALRC Library, then choose “category,” and type in one of the categories listed below before beginning your search.  You must type in the category exactly as it is written in the list below.  For example, find material for the new GED® test by entering the category “2014 GED.”


Educators may order resources online, via phone, or in person.  If you order online, please be sure to provide your email address as well as the mailing address of your program. The Media Coordinator  will mail the requested resources to the adult education or literacy program. The materials are due one month from the date checked out.
If you need support in finding material, please contact Klaus Neu, AALRC Media Coordinator, at or call  800.832.6242  or 501.907.2490 for assistance.


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